How You Use These Two Words Defines Your Success

Two little words. And they’re not “success” or “failure.”

The use of two simple common words will define your attitude and will determine whether or not you are successful. Most people use these two words without realizing the impact they will have on everything they do.

These two words tell everyone how you define yourself.

The two words? “I am.”

When you say those two words, the next thing out of your mouth will define you to anyone within earshot. It will also define you to yourself. You may be able to recover from what other people think of you but you probably won’t recover from what you think of you.

If you’re having tough times or if you’re just having a tough day, it’s easy to believe that it’s your fault. It’s easy to believe you’re just not good enough. The problem with those thoughts is that they manifest themselves in your behavior.

If you repeat negative things about yourself often enough you will believe them. And they become a self-fulfilling prophecy. They can lead to depression and to failure.

A negative thought is just a thought.

It doesn’t mean it’s the truth, it’s just a brain flash. The problem with negative thoughts is that they’re a lot like standing on a skateboard heading down a steep hill. They gather momentum and speed up quickly and if you’re like me, you’re not going to be able to steer them.

Switching what follows “I am” will certainly change your attitude and may very well change that upcoming failure to success.

It’s all about a positive attitude.

Having a positive attitude and speaking in positive terms about a situation – no matter how bad it looks – is the flip side of that skateboard heading down the hill. Putting together a positive mental reaction to a situation and then converting it into a positive statement can actually “trick your brain” out of the depression.

Positive statements tell your brain that whatever is going on isn’t going to be permanent and you give it permission to adopt a more positive mindset.

The next time you’re going through a tough time or having a tough day, stop and take a deep breath before you engage your mouth. Think quickly about how you’re feeling and put the most positive spin you can on it. Then you can engage your mouth.

Think first.

For example, if some things are going the wrong way and someone asks, “How are you doing?” take a deep breath and instead of that first thought that popped in your head, try something like, “Today is a tough day, but I’ll be on top of it tomorrow.” And make sure to smile after you say that.

Smile. Really, smile.

Smiling actually releases dopamine in the brain, it sets off the pleasure centers and the next thing you know, you feel better.

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