Got Chaos? Here’s How to Fix It.


If you’re living on a mountain top contemplating your navel chaos may be unknown to you. Otherwise, chaos is probably just the start of a normal day. “This has to get done NOW!!!”

Sound familiar?

If that’s the way your days start, or get interrupted, help is on the way.

You accomplish things when you FOCUS on them. And usually when all the trains seem to be running on the same track, that’s when you need to focus the most.

I’ll talk about this another time, but “multi-tasking” is a damnable lie. Accomplishment happens because of focus. So how do I focus when the world seems to be falling apart?

Take a deep breath. Really.

Unless the building is on fire whatever it is doesn’t have to “be done NOW!!!!” It can wait. It’s waited this long. It can wait another five minutes. Focus on what you’re doing and get it to a point where you can move on in a rational manner. And taking a deep breath really does invigorate you.

Deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange — that is, the beneficial trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. Not surprisingly, it can slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure.

And, it relieves stress. Do it. Your mother will be proud of you.

Next, check your to-do list.

Do you have a list of “stuff” that needs to be done today? Don’t keep it in your head, it’ll fall out your ear the first time you look quickly over your shoulder.

Write down the stuff that needs to get done. If you do, when the world is done ending you’ll know where to pick up.

Do some little things.

We’re all plagued with what seems to be insignificant stuff that gets in the way of “important things” and it is irritating. If you’re like me, you put them off. And if you’re like me, tomorrow at least one of those things is going to cause the world to end.

Take a planned moment during your day and knock off a couple of those irritants. It creates momentum because you just accomplished some stuff and you won’t be faced with the end of the world because you ignored that thingy.

Ask anybody who’s ever played the sport of any kind, momentum is your best friend. If you got

Priorities, got priorities?

This is right up there with your to-do list. If you don’t have your priorities written down you’ll find they get lost in the mess of the fight. It’s important to relate your to-do stuff (love that word) with your priorities.

If you can’t match a to-do item with a priority why are you doing it?

Or why don’t you have a priority that relates to it?

Without a to-do list AND a priority list you don’t have a clue what to focus on. You focus on what’s convenient and that’s almost never what you really need to get done.

You’ll find that if you do these simple things you’ll not just get more done, you’ll get more accomplished. That will set you apart in your realm, you’ll be special.

Need help with your priorities?

Send me an email and tell me what’s going on, I’ll help you lay out a plan to set your priorities. Make that a priority, make it your top priority. Do it today or you probably won’t do it at all.

Have a great day and I’m looking forward to wrapping the week up with you tomorrow.

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