Who Controls Your Day? How to Build a Great Day

Having a great day is not the result of what happens.

It is the result of how you choose to react to what happens that will make today – and every day – a great day. The choice is up to you.

Picture this: Your boss gets caught in traffic and is late for a meeting with his boss. Because traffic is not a reasonable reason to be late, he gets yelled at by his boss. He comes out of the meeting feeling angry and is looking to vent.

You, happy as ever, walk around the corner and smile while saying “great day huh?” to him.

He inquires, “What is great about it” and proceeds to take his irritation out on you.

Is this fair? No. Obviously not.

The question becomes, what are you going to do about it?

You have a choice to make.

That choice will set the tone for the rest of your day (and maybe even your career.)

You can defend yourself and go for the throat. Play the “fair” card. He’s “picking on you for no reason” and “that’s just not fair.” Better yet . . . you should report him and his rude outburst to Human Resources. At a minimum, you will complain to other team mates and look for attention. After all, someone must have had the same experience.

Or …

You can let him vent. Internalize the experience and walk away understanding that it wasn’t personal. Not. At. All. Let him calm down, and put some distance between your encounter. Reach back out in a while. Make a plan for some unscheduled one-on-one time. When you sit down ask if he has had a rough morning before talking about what you’ve done for the morning. Maybe you get an apology. If not, you quickly remind him that you offer much more to the company that simply being a “stress relief for your boss.”

You just set the stage.

You proved you have much better factors to focus on than being treated “fairly.” Instead, you actually provide him the opportunity to reinforce the fact that you’re a valuable team player. At the same time, you focus on production . . . not justice.

Which outcome will result in a better day for you?

Remember, you have total control of the outcome.

Here’s your task for the day:

Every time you’re faced with an opportunity to be defensive today, take a deep breath and think about your response.

Will you “get even” and “seek justice?” Or will you focus on being productive and work towards building a relationship?

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