Do NOT Do This One Thing to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever

Yesterday we talked about doing just one thing in 2017 that will make a huge difference in our lives. Today we’re going to talk about what NOT to do.

Yesterday, we made a decision to do just one thing in 2017 to make a difference. No more New Year’s resolutions and were not to carry this over to 2018. If you missed yesterday, you can catch up here.
Can you guess why most people who make a New Year’s resolution get the opportunity to make that same resolution the following year? And the year after that? It’s because of this.

Shiny objects! Shiny objects or the curse of life. We wake up in the morning fully prepared to take on the day with a fantastic plan all laid out. If you’re anything like me, about 10 minutes into that plan you’re going to be distracted by some shiny object.
A shiny object is just something that pops up that looks like “a better idea” or something that’s just more fun and exciting. What the shiny object isn’t is something we need to do to execute the fantastic plan we had put together when we woke up.
You probably already realize the world is full shiny objects but like most of us you didn’t realize how sneaky they are. It takes a little bit of effort and a lot of won’t power to avoid them. (You’ll find me referring a lot to something called “won’t power.” I don’t like “will power” because like most of us I “will” fall into almost any trap and I just find it won’t power to be more appropriate.)
Yesterday we made a decision, not a resolution, a decision. We made a decision to do something that is going to have a major positive impact on our lives in 2017. When you make a decision there’s action required, and when you begin to take action that’s when those pesky shiny objects show up.

How do we avoid the shiny objects? We recognize them for what they are.

That’s right, a pretty shiny object is really a bear that is about to eat you.
What would you do if you were walking in the woods and saw a bear? If your answer is not, “Do everything I can to avoid it!” that’s going to be your last walk in the woods. As an aside, do you know how to tell a brown bear from a grizzly bear? It’s actually pretty easy. You run and climb the closest tree you can find. If the bear climbs up the tree knocks you down to the ground and each you it was a brown bear. If the bear runs up to the tree knocks the tree down and each you it was a grizzly bear.
You get the idea, right? Well, that shiny object is the bear that’s interrupting what you need to do to make a major improvement in your life in 2017.
If one of the shiny objects pops up and you think it might be a good idea, just write it down and move on. Don’t discuss it with Mr. Google, don’t do anything with it other than move past it because if you do… well, there’s the bear.
So far we’ve made a decision to make a major difference in our life in the coming year. We committed to that. Part of that commitment is to not be distracted by shiny objects. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about the first steps necessary to make that decision a reality.
See you tomorrow.

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